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MICAS-X -Additional Features

    The principle functions and features of MICAS-X are enumerated on the various web pages in the second row of buttons at the top of this page. The list presented here are some additional features that have been added to MICAS-X to make it more user friendly. Many of these features can be very useful, while others are "bells and whistles" that improve MICAS-X in ways that many people could live without, but which nonetheless help make it a more useful and useable program. In almost all cases, these features will often NOT be included in custom software, since they would require many hours and therefore much expense to implement. Because MICAS-X has a wide user base, such features are affordable to include in it.

    Time series graphs are critical to many users of MICAS-X, and therefore they have many features that would require significant programming in a custom LabVIEW program.

    Many other areas of MICAS-X have "extra" features as well.

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