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LabVIEW Games and Fun Stuff
myRIO Audio Analyzer Game of

Below are some of LabVIEW programs I have written just for fun.  All of these are free with the sole condition being that the attribution to their original author be left intact in the VI documentation.  Although it is not required, if you do download any of these programs, I would appreciate hearing from you.  Let me know (using the address at the bottom of this page) how well they work for you, and if you have any suggestions for improvements or observations of bugs that need fixing.

myRIO Audio Analyzer  myRIO Audio Analyzer (LV 2013) (1.7 MB, .vip) is distributed as a VIP, which is installed through the VI Package Manager, which is included with LabVIEW 2013 and above.  The myRIO Audio Analyzer is a demonstration program for the NI myRIO platform, which allows the capture, display, analysis and archiving of two channels of audio of audio data.  It also includes a playback feature, and echo effect, and various filters.  More information can be viewed here.

Game of Life  Life.llb (LV 6.0) (305 KB, zipped) contains two versions of the popular Game of Life.  (For an explanation of the Game of Life, there are numerous web pages available, many of which can be found by searching Google for "Game of Life".)  The first program is a fairly standard implementation, though it has flexible user-definable rules.  The second version is a 3D implementation which uses the Windows-only 3D ActiveX Graph.  These programs were written in response to LabVIEW Technical Resources' LabVIEW Challenge, for which they were awarded an honourable mention.

For another great LabVIEW game, check out the VIBots web site.  This site provides an on-going challenge for programmers to write and submit their own fighting tank VIs.

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