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LabVIEW Drivers

ICM  OSDS  Sync 2 DAQs  Ophir Nova
            Laser Power Meter Driver  Acqiris PCI/PXI Digitizers Driver  Proteus Stepper Motor Communication Interface

ICM The Instrument Communication Module is a toolkit currently under development as an open source project which is intended to replace OSDS as a simpler, more powerful, and more functional way to add configurable instrument communication to a LabVIEW project. It is currently being developed in LabVIEW 2015, and is based on LVOOP design principles. Using ICM, one can easily integrate a wide range of instruments into a LabVIEW program in such a way that the end user can easily configure which instruments are being used, which channels are included, what the channels are named, and what scaling is applied to each channel. ICM is intended for "slow" data, such as housekeeping or instrument health data, typically acquired and controlled at 1 Hz, but as fast as 100 Hz or more.

OSDS  The OCC Streaming Data System is a suite of components and programs for reading streaming data from a wide variety of sources.  It currently supports serial data, UDP, NTP, and computer time, and other busses may be added in the future.  The system is configuration based, so that once it is integrated into a larger LabVIEW program, the configuration file can be changed to adapt it to reading new data sources without having to do any recoding.  Example programs and a lite-weight data logger are included.

Sync 2 DAQs   For a recent project, I needed to synchronize data acquisition from two USB Daq devices.  Although NI has some great examples for synchronizing PCI and PXI Daq devices using internal signal routing, synchronizing USB or other external devices requires making physical wiring connections between the two units.  This example (written in LV 2012) shows the extra configuration calls necessary to set up synchronized data acquisition from two USB devices, and includes an important subtlety about the resulting data.
Sync2DAQs Front PanelThe screen shot to the left shows the example program Sync Two DAQs running with two USB-6218-OEM boards, with 14 channels on each.  A square wave signal was connected to the first channel of each board, and the data around one edge of the square wave was zoomed in to verify that the edge occurred at the same point on both DAQ Devices.

The block diagram of the example program is shown below.
Sync2DAQs Block Diagram

Below are several instrument drivers I have written for commercial instruments.  The Ophir Nova driver was written to full National Instruments Instrument Driver Library specifications and has been accepted into their Instrument Driver Library.  The Acqiris Digitizers driver was written to comply with all the IDL specifications except that it uses a dll to communicate with the instruments, whereas IDL drivers must use the VISA interface.  The Proteus Stepper Controller VIs are not a full driver, but are a low-level communication interfaces upon which a driver could be built.
All of these are free with the sole condition being that the attribution to their original author be left intact in the VI documentation.  Although it is not required, if you do download any of these programs, I would appreciate hearing from you.  Let me know (using the address at the bottom of this page) how well they work for you, and if you have any suggestions for improvements or observations of bugs that need fixing.  Also, keep in mind that the best source for the most up-to-date drivers is to check the instrument maker's web site.

Ophir Nova Laser
                    Power Meter Driver  The  instrument driver for the Ophir Nova Laser Power/Energy Monitor (LV 5.0), which has been accepted to National Instruments' Instrument Driver Library, can be downloaded from National Instruments web site.  After unzipping it, verify that it is the correct driver by looking for Original Code Consulting in the VI Information window for any of the VI's.  (If the previous link does not work, try National Instruments' Instrument Driver Network page and search for the Ophir Nova LabVIEW driver.)  Or, the same driver can be downloaded directly from this site (664 KB). Ophir Nova Laser Power Meter

Acqiris PCI/PXI Digitizers Driver  The Acqiris High-Speed Digitizer driver (LV 5.1) can be downloaded here (909 KB).  After completing the download, it should be unzipped into a directory named "Aqdx".  This directory should be a sub-directory of your Instr.lib directory within your LabVIEW directory.
Note that the Aqdx driver uses a dll to communicate with the Acqiris digitizers.  This dll is installed from the CD that comes with the digitizer.  Thus, if you have not already installed the dll, the driver VI's will be broken and unusable.
For more information on Acqiris high-speed digitizers or for the most up-to-date software for these instruments, refer to the Acqiris web page.  This driver can also be found in the Vendor/Alliance catagory on National Instruments' Instrument Driver Network.
Acqiris DigitizerAcqiris Digitizers Driver

                    Stepper Motor Communication Interface  The Proteus SA Stepper Motor Controller from Arcus Technology is a compact, highly functional unit for driving stepper motors.  It includes RS232 serial, USB, and ethernet interfaces.  This set of VIs (LV 6.0) (170 KB) provides a LabVIEW communication interface to the Proteus SA through the USB port via a dll provided by Arcus Technology.  These VIs are not a complete driver, but they do provide the basis for the developement of a driver.  In addition, an example is included that demonstrates how to use the VIs to move a motor and read its current position.
Proteus SA Stepper ControllerProteus SA Stepper Controller Communication

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