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3rd Party Programs

LabVIEW Run Time Engine 6.0  LabVIEW Run Time Engine 6.1  Tight VNC

The programs available for download from this page are written by other companies or individuals, but are posted here with the authors' permission as a convenience for my clients and colleagues.

LabVIEW Run Time Engine 6.0  The LabVIEW Run-Time Engine (RTE) is required to be installed in order to run built executable (stand-alone) LabVIEW programs.  In addition, the version of the Run-Time Engine must match the version of LabVIEW with with the stand-alone program was created.  The LabVIEW Run-Time Engine is available for free directly from National Instruments Software Downloads. (If the previous link does not work, go to www.ni.com, click on DownLoad Software, then Drivers and Updates, then All Software Versions, then LabVIEW, then Run Time Engine.)
    The LabVIEW Run Time Engines are no longer available as direct downloads from this site.

LabVIEW Run Time Engine 6.1  This is the LabVIEW 6.1 version of the RTE.  See the paragraph above for a description of the Run Time Engine and how to get it directly from National Instruments.

Tight VNC
TightVNC for Remote Control of Computers
(Virtual Network Computing)

    Virtual Network Computing (VNC) is an opensource, free program which allows one computer to control another over a network.  TightVNC is an enhanced version of this program that uses data compression to imrpove efficiency.  TightVNC can be downloaded here (639 KB).  For more information, see the TightVNC web page.  Also, I have written a short document with instructions that can help my clients load and run TightVNC so that I can remotely diagnose and troubleshoot their applications.

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