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OCC Desktop Utilities

    OCC Desktop Utilities is a shareware program written in LabVIEW but available as a stand-alone executable program.  It is free to download and try, with a modest registration fee if you decide to continue to use it.  Registration instructions are included in the program.
OCCUtilities Screen Shot
    This program started as a place to store temporary notes, similar to an electronic yellow sticky pad.  I then started adding additional utilities that Windows did not provide (or which were not conveniently provided by Windows.)  The program now has five main sections.  The Notes tab is the location for storing text notes.  The Passwords tab allows you to store usernames, passwords, and even web addresses in a moderately-safe encrypted format.  The Files tab includes several file handling utilities, such as recycling, deleting, wiping (deleting a file and completely erasing the file contents), encrypting, and converting text files between Mac and PC formats.  These file utilities can operate on a single file, a directory of files, or a list of files.  The Time tab includes a clock display, a count-down timer, an elapsed-time timer, an alarm, and a periodic alert, as well as a tool for automatically synchronizing the computer time to NIST time.  The fifth tab is for setting preferences and configuration settings.  Finally, additional buttons are available for quickly executing system functions (such as shut-down, reboot, log-off, screen-saver, etc) or for launching your favorite applications or documents.
    The brief manual that is included with OCC Desktop Utilities can be viewed here to gain additional insight into the features of the program.
    There are a few caveats regarding this program.  It is a Windows-only program (e.g. it is not cross-platform compatible for Macs or Unix systems).  It requires the installation of the LabVIEW Run-Time Engine v6.1.  And finally, it is a 2nd beta version.  It appears to be quite stable, but the user accepts all related risks as to potential loss of data or other problems.  The only possible known bug at this point is that the computer date may occasionally get set incorrectly when the program is configured to automatically update the time.  However, I think this but has been removed.  If anyone continues to observe it, please let me know.
    Two versions are available for download.  One contains the LabVIEW Run-Time Engine as part of the installation.  This version is over 7 MB in size.  The second does not contain the Run-Time Engine and is almost 4MB in size.  This smaller version is useful if you wish to download the Run-Time Engine separately or if you already have the LabVIEW 6.1 Run-Time Engine installed on your computer.  Both are zipped files and require an unzip utility before they can be installed.
    OCC Desktop Utilities 2.0 beta 3 with Run-Time Engine included (7.3 MB)
    OCC Desktop Utilities 2.0 beta 3 without Run-Time Engine (3.75 MB)

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