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Miscellaneous Information from OCC

Original Code Consulting is committed to being a Zero Net Carbon Emissions Company.  Click here for more info.

In October/November, 2007, I participated in the Habitat for Humanity Jimmy Carter Work Project in Los Angeles, CA.  A description of that exerience can be found here.

A Possible Copyright Infringement

    Since I work with a lot of particle instruments and I am also a fan of early Woody Allen movies, it didn't take long for me to spot this possible copyright infringment in the design of several of TSI instruments, including the 3306 shown here.

A Klingon Connection?

    My brother noted that the initials of my company's initials sounded like a Klingon expression.  A quick search of the web yielded several on-line Klingon-English dictionaries.  However, I was unable to find any Klingon word spelled "Occ".  I did find one Klingon word that may be pronounced very similarly (not that I'm an expert on Klingon pronunciation.)  

Klingon:  'och  
English:  tunnel, conduit (n)

I have no idea what the significance (if any) of this observation is.

Favorite Quotes

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