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Links to Useful LabVIEW Sites

Some of the most useful LabVIEW-related sites that I have found are:
National Instruments - the makers of LabVIEW
National Instruments Alliance Program - a list of companies that can help with LabVIEW projects
National Instruments Developers' Zone - an NI sponsored forum rich with LabVIEW and Daq-related resources, articles, and example programs
LabVIEW Zone - a somewhat newer NI forum more specifically aimed at LabVIEW
ALARM - Advanced LabVIEW Architects of the Rocky Mountains is a LabVIEW user group that I helped organize.
Recommendations for Configuring a Data Acquisition Computer for use with MICAS-X or other LabVIEW programs.

Other Links

    Original Code Consulting and National Instruments are two of the primary sponsors of BotLabs.  BotLabs is an organization which is developing some of the world's most advanced combat robots (battlebots).  In particular, BotLabs is creating the first battlebot powered by LabVIEW.

    Original Code Consulting has committed to becoming a Zero Net Carbon Emissions Company.  Click here for more info.

    David Thomson is also the software architect at Lucid Dimensions, a research and development firm in Boulder, Colorado that is developing revolutionary imaging and sensing technologies.

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