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Zero Net Carbon Emissions

    Climate Change and Global Warming have the potential to be the most significant challenges mankind has ever faced.  In recent years, the scientific consensus on the reality of human-induced Climate Change has solidified greatly.  Recently, several studies have indicated that our actions over the next ten years could be critical in determining how severe the long-term results of Global Warming are going to be.  In order to prevent a potentially huge impact on the world our children will be living in within just a few decades, action must be taken now.  More information on this issue can be found at many sites, including:  ClimateCrisis.org, the Natural Resources Defense Council, and the Union of Concerned Scientists.

    As a small step towards dealing with Climate Change, Original Code Consulting has made a commitment to become a Zero Net Carbon Dioxide Emissions Company.  In order to accomplish this goal, several mechanisms are being used to reduce our carbon emissions and to compensate for those that remain.  For several years, all the electricity used by Original Code has been generated through Wind Source, a program of Xcel Energy in which those who sign up agree to pay an additional small amount for each kWh of electricity used in order to subsidize the extra expense of wind-generated power.  Besides electricity, most of the other sources of carbon dioxide (energy use) that Original Code incur result from automobile travel and air travel.  Several organizations have programs through which one can offset the carbon emissions from these and other sources through the purchase of  credits that support green energy, energy efficiency, or other means of carbon dioxide reduction.  One such organization is Native Energy, which uses credits purchased in this way to support the development of wind farms owned by Native Americans.  Another option, which Original Code is currently using to offset carbon emissions, is the Carbon Fund.  Credits paid to the Carbon Fund are used in a number of ways to fund emission reductions.

    As of September, 2006, Original Code has fulfilled our pledge to become Carbon Neutral via the mechanisms listed above!

    In 2011, OCC installed a solar voltaic system, and now 75% of our electricity comes from the sun (with the remainder coming from wind).

    Original Code also supports Boulder CarShare, a local non-profit that allows members to have affordable access to a number of jointly-owned vehicles.  By making it possible not to own a car, or to avoid buying a second car, CarShare hopes to reduce overall use of single-occupancy vehicles.

    In 2017, OCC signed on to the We Are Still In pledge, vowing to maintain our commitment to the Paris Accord regardless of the actions of the U.S. executive branch.

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