Presentation Timer
Presentation Timer ver. 2.0

copyright 2006 by
David Thomson
Original Code Consulting
Presentation Timer

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    Licensing and Registration
    The Presentation Timer program is intended to be used at conferences and meetings to help keep the presentations on schedule.  It can be run on a laptop and displayed either on the laptop screen or on a projector so that the presenter, chair, and audience have a clear view of when the time remaining.  Version 2.0 can also be run directly on the presentation computer, with the program set to a small size and  using options such as Keep In Front, Transparency, and Minimize (with automatic restore when an alarm goes off).

    The Presentation Timer program is a configurable clock/timer that can be used for a number of purposes.  It is primarily intended as a conference timer, to help keep participants on schedule.  It can also be used as a computer desktop clock, alarm clock, or event timer.  Most of its operation is controlled through various menu selections, with the addition of a few on-screen controls.

License, Distribution, and Registration
    The Presentation Timer is offered as shareware.  It may be freely distributed with the following conditions: the distribution package is not to be altered, attribution to the original author is not to be removed, the software is not to be reverse engineered, and any registration code that you have obtained is not to be redistributed to other users.
    As shareware, you are free to install this program and try it out at no charge.  This trial period may extend to up to three weeks.  After that time, you should either pay for a registration code or remove the software from your computer.  A user may use the same registration code on up to three different computers, as long as that person is the primary user responsible for those computers.  Until a registration code is obtained, a message requesting that you register the program will appear for 30 seconds each time it is run.
    To receive a registration code, select the Register menu item in the Help menu.  Instructions there will direct you to send a check for $10.00 to the author.  (Credit card payments can also be arranged through PayPal.)  After you receive a registration code, return to the Register menu item in the program and enter your user name and code.  More information can be obtained by sending e-mail to:
 support e-mail
    Presentation Timer 2.0 was wrtiten in the LabVIEW graphical programming language, version 8.20, made by National Instruments.  When Presentation Timer is installed, it also installs the LabVIEW 8.20 Run Time Engine (unless it is already installed on your system).  The license agreement you see during installation is for this LabVIEW RTE.  There is no fee associated with the use of this Run Time Engine, but please review the license before installing it on your computer.